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Environmental design includes the study of the planned environment that is built by humans. This course focuses on buildings and the systems and technologies that they use, introducing the fundamental factors that affect the choices made by the architect and developer when buildings are designed. 
From the inception of an idea to the completion of a project, the construction process involves many steps and, in the case of a large project, hundreds of people to reach a successful conclusion.  This course will immerse students in the steps to undertake a successful construction project and the different approaches to construction.
This course provides the framework within which students undertake real estate development competitions and case challenges.  Topics vary each semester.
Would you like to experience a dynamic learning environment that simulates interdisciplinary cutting edge practices where architects, planners, and developers work closely to produce outstanding projects that are financially feasible and transformative? Would you like to develop a large-scale project with your “real” studio client? 

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