As we consider the impacts of our actions in the age of the Anthropocene, the challenges of creating more visceral, experiential resonances in the environment is often elusive, especially as we find ourselves ever more accountable to metrics and standards of performance. How do we, as designers, harness the power that architecture already yields – as forms of communication and vehicles to shape lived experiences – to address social, economic, and ecological issues, while still advocating for design itself as an essential and critical force in our culture? How will we intervene and build with resonance in the face of the Climate Crisis?
The Intellectual Domain course for the Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group will question how we perceive, define, represent, construct and reconstruct our world in relation to an evolving concept of “nature”. The course will focus on the intellectual trajectory of concepts of ecology, environment, and nature and their manifestation in art, architecture, and landscape architecture. 

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