ARC 551:Gauging Urban Landscape

Pierre Patte, Section of a Street, 1769.

Pierre Patte, Section of a Street, 1769 - Memoires sur les objets les plus importants de l’architecture, Plate II -- from Ross Exo Adams (2018) Circulation and Urbanization 

The course provides a broad overview of various concepts essential to understanding contemporary urban spatial practices. 

The material is intended to help students to construct a foundation of knowledge on urban form, site analysis, infrastructure, land use regulations, storm-water management, water-dependent development, smartness, revitalization and stakeholder engagement. These topics will be explored through lectures, discussions, and workshops. An introduction to and application of GIS software will also be part of the course. 


Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 317C - (716) 829-6912
Adjunct Instructor - 2019/2020 Banham Fellow - Department of Architecture   - Crosby Hall 323