ARC 102: Architecture Design Studio 2

Sketch (Katya Dokurova) of "Whisper Wall" from ARC 102 team project, spring 2019. Credit: Katya Dokurova 

Buildings influence how we see and hear, eat and sleep, mourn and heal. Monumental buildings may be thought to embody the highest ambitions of architects and the public; by contrast, this studio argues that modest buildings – in size, budget, or use – can capture the mind, evoke emotions, and touch the spirit more immediately. Students in ARC 102 work in small teams to design and construct an architectural prototype that elicits delight, dignity, humanity, and beauty. 


Martha Bohm examines the intersection of design with energy efficiency, healthy materials and ecological sensibility through research, teaching and critical practice. She is an associate professor of architecture and associate dean for academic affairs.
Clinical Assistant Instructor - Department of Architecture - Crosby Hall 324
Korydon Smith is professor and chair of architecture at UB and co-director of UB's Community for Global Health Equity. He works across disciplines to build design solutions for those who have been traditionally marginalized from decisions about the design of their built environment.