END 467 / URP 567 - Planning Law / Legal Issues in Planning & Development

"Swine" by Ronald Reilly; Cowles Communications, LOOK Magazine 2-24-1970.

"Swine" by Ronald Reilly; Cowles Communications, LOOK Magazine 2-24-1970 

In this course we will discuss the role of law in urban planning, the power of government to regulate land use, and the limits of that power. 

Topics include property rights, the police power, eminent domain, regulatory takings, zoning and other forms of land use regulation, constitutional restrictions on land use regulation, environmental protection, and historic preservation. Contemporary planning issues in our community and elsewhere will be examined as the opportunity arises. In-class discussion will be utilized as a means to consider sustainable solutions for land use policy conflicts. 


Adjunct Instructor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning