END 308 - Health and Urban Environments

photo of Buffalo neighborhood.

This course is intended to introduce student to diverse health issues which are related with urban/physical environments in contemporary cities and stimulate interest in what is fascinating and challenging about this broad subject. 

. Living conditions are the most important determinant of population health. The most promising strategy for promoting health of the public in urban environments are improving these conditions. Lectures will focus on determinants of health in cities such as social and physical environments, local and global perspectives on changing cities, health outcomes, and the system of health and social services. The main textbook for this course is “Cities and the Health of the Public”. In class, students will engage in contemporary intellectual debates and also will lead a discussion on environmentally-caused diseases, pollution-related diseases, health care systems planning & reforms, globalization of illness, etc. A final product will be a paper with your choice of topic. 


So Ra Baek is an urban planner whose research addresses the intersection of public health and the built environment. In particular she studies the role of race/ethnicity and acculturation in relation to physical activity and neighborhood design.