Arc 588-404-488: In Loving Memory

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How do we formulate our position as architects? This seminar will ask you to critically reflect on your practice thus far, and to develop a working manifesto outlining your approach to architectural design. You will begin by considering the imminent demolition of a completed studio project (probably from third or fourth year). Through the prism of this impending demise, you will invent a narrative for your work at large, deploying the ghost of a disappeared architecture in the service of renewed interest in and reinvigoration of your young, promising architectural practice.

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Adjunct Instructor - 2018/2019 Banham Fellow - Department of Architecture   - Crosby Hall 323

Seminar Requirements (please read carefully)

  1. Weekly written work: You will produce short, 1 or 2 paragraph written pieces each week that will form the framework of your design ideology. You will occasionally be asked to read these pieces out loud to the seminar group. While you need not be an expert writer, you should at least be willing to try. If you're not interested in developing your writing and speaking skills, you should opt for a different seminar.
  2. Weekly design work: You will be asked to bring NEW design work to EVERY seminar. This could be a new drawing or sketch, an updated model, or a revised diagram. Most of this work will spring from the former project that you have selected to carry through the seminar, but occasionally unrelated design work will be required. You should be prepared to share this new work with the seminar group. Late submissions will not be accepted. Consistently late or poor work will result in removal from the seminar.
  3. Self directed research: There is no required reading or course of study for the seminar. INSTEAD, you will be encouraged to develop your own research agenda – what parts of architectural culture interest you, and why? You won't be expected to be a leading scholar on architectural or art history, but you should be willing to be CURIOUS. You will be asked to bring evidence of your research – from the library, online, or elsewhere – to each seminar to share with the group.

By the semester's end, you should have a formidable body of written, design, and research work that might just form the basis of the great architect that you will one day surely become.