ARC 566 / URP 566 - Theories of Urban Settlement Patterns and Case Study: What’s Next for Buffalo Niagara? “Think Centennially but Act Daily”

colorful map banner image of ARC-URP566.

photo credit: UBRI

The semester will be organized to interrogate: Shaping the Healthy and Sustainable Buffalo Niagara for the next 100 years 

With these perspectives in mind, the seminar will address  Creating a set of plausible policies and visions as a region. 

The seminar will be organized as an interdisciplinary mode of learning  with MARC and MUP students. 

Students will complete weekly readings, participate in class seminars,  field trips, seminar with guest speakers, complete team assignments, and deliver final project. 


Associate Professor Hiroaki Hata holds a post-professional degree in urban design from Harvard University and a Master of Architecture degree from Washington University.