ARC 412 - Architecture Media 6

arc 412 preview banner of wire frame architecture dome.

The final course in the media sequence exposes students to more advanced parametric modeling techniques as they pertain to architectural design and representation. Building on the introductory skill-building exercises in Media 5, this course is structured into a series of in-class workshops that provide students with hands-on experience with Grasshopper 3D. 

Supported by weekly video tutorials, students will model a selection of case study buildings that are organized into a set of learning modules. Module topics include; form and structure, surface development and paneling, pattern and array, machine legibility fabrication, and form-finding. Case study buildings and the modeling techniques implemented by the architects will be studied in order to contextualize the module topics into contemporary architectural practice.


Nicholas Bruscia’s teaching and research experiment with architectural form and structure via computational simulation and material prototyping.

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate Architecture majors enrolled in ARC 302 concurrently.

PREREQUISITES: It is expected that students have completed ARC 411 (Media 5) before enrolling in this course, and therefore have experience with 3D modeling and basic parametric modeling.