ARC 203 / DMS 122: Introduction to Physical Computing

arc201-dms122 banner image of computing and robot.

This course introduces basic concepts and techniques for designing, constructing, and programming objects, spaces, and media that sense and respond to their physical surroundings. 

Eschewing the paradigm of screen-keyboard-mouse, this course seeks alternative modalities — such as light, sound, and touch — for creating interactive experiences. Through a progression of weekly exercises, students are exposed to electrical theory, circuit design, micro-controller programming, and a variety of sensor and actuator technologies. Students will work both individually and in small groups, responding to a set of progressively complex design prompts culminating in both a mid-term and end-term presentation. Interaction schema, embedded systems, and body-borne computation will be presented and discussed. No previous programming or electronics experience is required; however, curiosity and a willingness to experiment are a must! 

This course serves as a prerequisite for DMS216: Wearable Computing and is an open elective for undergraduate Architecture students. 


Jason E Geistweidt, PhD 

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