END 450 - Environmental Workshop 3

Aerial view of UB south campus and the surrounding neighborhoods and commercial zones.

This studio will utilize and build upon the analytical and graphic skills learned in Design Workshops 1 (PD350) and 2 (PD360). It will challenge your graphic and writing skills and requires you to work both independently and cooperatively in groups.

This semester-long, team-based, real-world planning project will explore and analyze the area that transects the Town of Amherst, the Town of Tonawanda, and the City of Buffalo. This includes Census Tracts 43, 46.01, 46.02, 47, 80.01, 80.03, 93.01, 93.02, 94.01 and 95.01. Students will examine existing conditions in the study area in order to understand neighborhoods, their quality of life, and the various identities taken on across these invisible, yet impactful, municipal borders. Conditions to be studied include demographics, infrastructure, land use, both the built and natural environments, and transportation. You will not only study the varying goals and objectives of these neighborhoods and municipalities, but also study various plans and initiatives outside our region that have enhanced quality of life and have made inter-municipal connections. After gaining an understanding of the surrounding context and beyond, you will use your knowledge and skill base to try to bridge the borders between municipal boundaries by developing design concepts for various study areas. These design concepts will help to build on strengths and opportunities, and address issues and threats in order to meet the goals and objectives of the municipalities and their neighborhoods. The final product will combine all data, analysis, interviews, knowledge, and designs to create a cohesive report that can benefit various clients, municipalities, and agencies. This studio will explore various skill-sets and reinforce foundational skills you will need for the professional realm. 


Adjunct Instructor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning
ks285@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 235 - 716-829-5913
Adjunct Instructor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning
winship@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 235 - 716-829-5913