ARC 611 Lab: Media 3: Advanced Digital Design and Representation

Computer screen capture of 3D modeling programs. Image by: Virginia Melnyk.

Image by: Virginia Melnyk 

This course is a required course intended to introduce 3.5 architecture students to various advanced digital and computational design applications. Topics include advanced 3D Rhino modeling, parametric modeling, and visualization through animation, drawing, and rendering.

The skills learned in this course will help support students ability to model and represent their architectural design ideas.
Sessions are intended to provide students with tutorials and hands-on instruction in order to assist in developing a comfortable skill level and a base for continued work in these areas. These tools will be introduced through case studies, tutorials, and short lectures. Students will be expected to produce drawings and imagery at the end of each assignment to be presented in a critique format.
The course work will place a particular focus on the digital model as a generator for producing various forms of architectural representations.