ARC 605: EP Almost Nature


The Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group Fall 2019 Studio will start a year long project to design an architectural and landscape intervention that facilitates observation of both the landscape and local wildlife in Silo City. This studio will address how one turns a once functioning industrial site into a site of ecological renewal. 

As architects of the Anthropocene we will endeavor to create an architecture that performs the role of environmental steward and engages with the existing and projected landscape in both a critical and engaging manner. The work is by nature multi scalar - needing to understand the forces in action of a territory, how to occupy the site, and how to fabricate the detail. This studio proposes a design practice that responds to multiple entities, be they human, animal, or ambient, as a means of putting society in touch with natural and man-made ecologies. Grounded by precedents in land art and environmental art as well as the design and the construction of living systems we will conduct exercises ranging from site surveying and mapping to material studies as we design a set of site interventions.
The Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group offers an intense exploration of the role that our discipline plays changing the status quo to make a new future. Together we endeavor to understand the opportunities and responsibilities of creating a more vibrant and resilient world for ourselves our ecologies and the generations to come.


Associate Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 313 - (716) 829-5913