ARC 547 / URP 565: Understanding Good Urban Form

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Image sources: Piazza Del Campo, Siena, left and the Pioneer Square, Portland, OR. right in Great Urban Squares, by Robert F. Gatje.

The intent of the course is to provide the students with a perspective of current roles and best practices of Urban Design including learning from great precedents; principles of good urban design; and making the public realm robust, legible, sustainable, healthy, equitable, and rich in human experience.

" Weaving between a complex web of architecture, planning, and landscape architecture, urban design seeks to establish a sense of order, orientation, and legibility to the chaotic urban fabric."

Intended as an introduction to the field of Urban Design, this interdisciplinary course fulfills partial requirements for students in the MARC Urban Design GRG and the MUP Urban Design Specialization track. Those in a dual-MARC/MUP in Urban Design must take the course.

The course is also open to eligible students in the MS/RED program. Undergrads are NOT eligible.


Associate Professor - Department of Architecture - 317A Hayes Hall - (716) 829-5891