ARC 490 / 590 - 2 Portfolio

Cropped portion of poster showing typographical graphic concepts and terminology.

Author unknown 

This course will offer students instruction in assembling a clear, legible, graphically compelling portfolio of their work.

Students should leave this course having honed their digital representational techniques. Students should have a solid, basic set of skills upon which they can build in manipulating graphic and text content, formatting, and producing presentation documents (in this case, portfolios). In addition to a basic skill set, students, through completion of their assignments, should have a polished portfolio document at the end of the course. Because this course works with existing material rather than on the generation of new material, the final, presented work is expected to be consistent, highly refined graphically and free of mistakes.

The course is intended to provide students with complete packages that satisfy application requirements for jobs or school admission. Students are therefore encouraged to bring in any lists of application material needed, for any purpose, so that their work satisfies their individual practical needs. 


Visiting Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 313 - 716-829-5896