ARC 449 / 549: Material Matters

RMIT Design Hub - Sean Godsell Architects.

RMIT Design Hub - Sean Godsell Architects RMIT Design Hub - Sean Godsell Architects 

This seminar will focus on tectonics, the convergence of poetry and technique in architecture. The course will explore innovative uses of materials through the examination of a series of contemporary buildings by distinguished international architects. It will seek to develop an understanding of how technical decisions in the deployment of materials, construction systems and details can be directed towards conceptual and cultural ends.

This exploration of making and meaning will be pursued through studies of buildings that demonstrate a strong relationship between concept and construction together with a high level of integration of architectural, structural, services and enclosure systems. These studies will examine ways in which digital design, production techniques and sustainability are changing the understanding of material optimization and producing new concepts of order.

Students will present these studies using words, images and models. The seminar will foster the understanding of both the conceptual basis of buildings’ design and their execution.


Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 213 - (716) 829-5329