ARC 411 - Architecture Media 5

Bulbous Bow - Evolute and RFR, TU Vienna.

Bulbous Bow - Evolute and RFR, TU Vienna 

As a continuation of the media course sequence, students will continue building proficiency with 3D modeling techniques as they pertain to architectural visualizations. The primary focus of this course is to practice modeling with intention, by incorporating the design of architectural form, structure, and skin into a single coordinated process. Hands-on tutorials and weekly exercises are intended to assist and reinforce the studio agenda, while covering a variety of technical topics that are relevant to the current digital architectural toolset.

The majority of class time will be held in workshop format, allowing time for skill-building and feedback. Students will be introduced to various methods of creating detailed representations from digital models, and will further explore their studio projects by inventing geometric frameworks that control the form, structure, and cladding systems of both boats and buildings alike. 


Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture - Parker Hall 50 - 716-829-5926