ARC 361 / 561: Architecture + Education

Volunteers with the Architecture + Education program work with student at Public School 53 in Buffalo, NY.

Volunteers with the Architecture + Education program work with student at Public School 53 in Buffalo, NY.  Photographer: Douglas Levere, 2017 

In this seminar, students study architectural education and its recent history, as well as its implementation at K-12 levels. The seminar begins with readings, discussions, and planning sessions that introduce the basics of lesson planning and design curriculum development. Subsequently, each student will have a teaching experience in which they partner with a local architect, a primary, middle, or high school teacher, and the seminar instructor. 

The team will design and implement a project with students in the Buffalo Public Schools. Students will work as team members of the Architecture + Education program, an award winning, innovative collaboration between local architects and educators utilizing architecture to teach students mathematics, science, history, social studies, art and technology within the New York State public school curriculum. Student work from the program will be exhibited at CEPA Gallery in downtown Buffalo in spring 2019.

This course offering will address two of UB’s Department of Architecture goals: 1) to promote diversity in the discipline, and 2) to give our students an opportunity to work closely with local professionals.

Architecture + Education is a project of the Buffalo Architecture Foundation, Inc. (BAF), which is supported by the American Institute of Architects Buffalo/Western New York Chapter. BAF is a not-for-profit, public charity dedicated to inspiring the exploration and appreciation of architecture and how it shapes our lives.

ARC 561-361 fulfills most community service and practicum requirements. 


Beth Tauke is associate professor in the Department of Architecture. Her research focuses on beginning design education and inclusive design’s relationship to the senses.