ARC 311: Architecture Media 4

United States Pavilion at Expo '67 (Buckminster Fuller + Shoji Sadao).

United States Pavilion at Expo '67 (Buckminster Fuller + Shoji Sadao) . Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis 

As the third course in the undergraduate media sequence, ARC311 aims to build on skills attained in Media 1 + 2. Media 3 explores the relationship between 2D and 3D information through a series of tutorials and workshops. 

Beginning with composing 3D models from 2D drawings, the course will progress into a hands on digital fabrication assignment in which students will be asked to deconstruct a 3D model into parts, output multiple file types for lasercutting, and fabricate a well-crafted model. Finally, simple rendering techniques will be introduced as part of a demonstration on layered composite drawing types.
Throughout the course, students will be expected to improve craft (both digital and physical), gain an understanding for new software and its proper uses, and learn to manage files for proper and efficient output to multiple forms of media.