ARC 201 - Architecture Design Studio 3

(Top: Le Corbusier, Dom-Ino prototype, 1914, Bottom: OMA, Agadir Convention Center, 1990).

(Top: Le Corbusier, Dom-Ino prototype, 1914, Bottom: OMA, Agadir Convention Center, 1990) 

Let’s celebrate the 105-years-old Dom-ino system by Le Corbusier. By this prototype, we are freed from the traditional practice of building facade, liberated from the conventional dependence on tectonics, and released from the plan typology. Before the Dom-ino system, the structure, history, and authority were evident on the facade, but Corbusier saw this system as a ‘free facade’ and ‘free plan’ toward the architecture of the new industrial era. 

We will investigate cases based on the fact that, even now, our contemporary practice is inevitably inherited from this system with fun, creative, and unexpected twist (for an example, see Agadir Convention Center by OMA). We will learn how this system is aggregated or mutated beyond a technical device for production. Then, we will explore our own morphological development from this framework closely studying both how to move people through stairs, ramps, and elevators, and how to respond to physical, ecological, and cultural contexts of the project.


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