ARC 241 / 541 - Introduction to Environmental Systems

Brightly colored environmental zone map of the United States.

Overview on interrelationship of the physical environment and buildings, specifically examining site design, solar design and environmental technologies, as they relate to energy-conscious design, environmental building systems design and sustainability. More specifically, will develop an ability to respond to site characteristics including urban context, developmental patterning, zoning, soils, topography, ecology, climate, and building orientation.

Course Details

Course No.: 10126
Department: Architecture
Semester: Fall 2018
Location: Hayes 403
Meeting Day(s): Wednesday & Friday
Meeting Time: 8:00AM - 9:20AM
Faculty: Rajkovich

Students will also be introduced to the environmental technologies of lighting and acoustics including criteria relating to concepts and analysis in support of building systems design. Includes lectures, labs, field work, readings, exams, and projects.Course LONG description