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Master of Architecture + Master of Business Administration

MArch + MBA

The MArch + MBA dual degree prepares students for the growing complexity of architectural practice and demand for managerial and administrative skills that often exceed the traditional training of the architect. 

The establishment or management of a successful architectural office requires a wide range of skills. In addition to competence in traditional architectural roles, the growing complexity of the field demands a wide range of managerial and administrative skills. For instance, many architectural practices have expanded their range of services to include construction supervision, real estate development, multinational project management and public-sector consultation. The MArch/ MBA dual degree is intended to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assume responsibilities for these challenges.

Interested students must apply to and be accepted by both the Department of Architecture and the School of Management. Enrolled students should consult the curriculum they were given upon entering the program, copies of which are kept in their student files in the departmental office.

Interested in a MArch + MBA Dual Degree?

Shannon Phillips
Assistant Dean for Graduate Education
130 Hayes Hall

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