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Master of Architecture - 2 Year

MArch - 2 Year

Dwelling on Waste

The two-year Master of Architecture degree is intended for individuals who hold a four-year pre-professional baccalaureate degree in architecture from an NAAB-accredited school of architecture.

The University at Buffalo offers a fully accredited Master of Architecture degree. This four-semester track is configured to provide all the coursework, including design studios and ancillary courses, required for the fully accredited MArch degree. Students participate in one of four Graduate Research Groups: Ecological Practices, Inclusive Design, Material Culture, and Situated Technologies

MArch graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the Student Performance Criteria as outlined by the NAAB:

Critical Thinking and Representation including, communication skills; design thinking skills; visual communication skills; technical documentation; investigative skills; fundamental design skills; use of precedents; ordering systems skills; historical traditions and global culture; cultural diversity; and applied research

Integrated Building Practices, Technical Skills and Knowledge including pre-design; accessibility; sustainability; site design; life safety; comprehensive design; financial considerations; environmental systems; structural systems; building envelope systems; building service systems; building materials and assemblies.

Leadership and Practice, including collaboration; human behavior; client role in architecture; project management; practice management; leadership; legal responsibilities; ethics and professional judgment; and community and social responsibility.