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Situated Technologies

The Situated Technologies Graduate Research Group focuses on the design of artifacts, spaces and media that are responsive to their context. 

We are interested in the possibilities offered by pervasive computational technologies for exploring new forms of architecture and urbanism that foster social interaction with and within the built environment. Our focus areas include learning environments, design environments, responsive architecture and pervasive media. Computational technology provides both a means and a medium for this research: an operative paradigm for articulating relations between people, information, and the material fabric of everyday life.

Faculty members working in the group are associated with the Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies.The Center conducts sponsored research in Learning Environments, Responsive Architecture and Pervasive Media

Affiliated Faculty

  • Omar Khan
  • Mark Shepard
  • Jordan Geiger
  • Hadas Steiner
  • Nicholas Bruscia

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Selected Works from Situated Technologies