Hayes Hall Comes to Life

View a photo gallery of Hayes Hall as the spaces inside come to life.

Since its reopening in fall 2016, Hayes Hall has come to life as a canvas for the work, life and culture of our school, and an inspirational setting for new engagements. View a photo gallery here.

Read the latest news and developments about the restoration and activation of UB's historic Hayes Hall.


The $50.5 million restoration of Hayes and Crosby Hall, home to the School of Architecture and Planning for the past 40 years, will preserve the exteriors of these iconic structures and make them more efficient, sustainable and beautiful.

Sunlight falls through tall arched windows, illuminating a dusty concrete floor and, at the center of it, the orderly assemblage of gears, parts and levers that forms the ticking mechanical heart of the Hayes Hall clock.
The dramatic renovation of Hayes Hall matches the indomitable spirit of an architecture school on the rise. Read this recent feature article in UB's AtBuffalo magazine for alumni and friends.
A new masterwork inside Hayes Hall, the iconic South Campus landmark, is unfolding. For more information on the $42 million renovation and restoration, and pending grand reopening.