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Help us write the book

Send us your memories and materials

We’re digging deep into the collective memory of our alumni, faculty and friends to document the rich history of the School of Architecture and Planning in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Write us to share your memories and reflections. Dust off your photos and any documents stored away in the attic – syllabi, catalogs, newsletters, drawings, project reports, and more. Send it all our way and we’ll write you into school history.

Professor Bradshaw Hovey suggests there is a persistence of patterns and shared values across the first 50 years of the School of Architecture and Planning. Help reveal the heart of our school - share your story and be part of Hovey's monograph commemorating the 50th anniversary of our school.

“There’s a story attached to every person who ever studied here, about what they learned here, what they remembered, and what they did in the years after graduation...I want to hear those stories.”

- Bradshaw Hovey, a research associate professor who is developing a monograph commemorating the school's 50th anniversary.

Send us your memories and materials

What we're looking for

- Who made the greatest impression on you? What lessons – intended or otherwise – stick with you from your days in school here? What have you accomplished in the years that followed?

- Of the original faculty only John Eberhard and George Borowsky are still alive. Michael Brill, Terry Collison, Ibrahim Jammal, and Dick Chalmers are all gone. Faculty who came somewhat later are also dead. Gunter Schmitz, Scott Danford, John Archea, Magda McHale, Marilyn Reeves, and Peter Reyner Banham are all gone. We would be grateful for people to share their memories of those teachers.

- If you have photographs or old papers that you’ve been keeping but you just don’t know what you would do with them, send them to us. We are assembling a school archive as a by-product of the ongoing research. We will keep your papers as part of that collection. (Please email scanned photos or documents at print-ready resolution @ 300 dpi or greater)

Messages and materials can be send in electronic or hard copy format to Bradshaw Hovey at or 115 Hayes Hall, 3435 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214, Attn: Bradshaw Hovey.