We're celebrating our 50th anniversary in a big way

A Three-Year Celebration

Hayes Hall - Still building, making, doing.

We're celebrating our 50th anniversary in a big way. The multi-year celebration of our 50th anniversary kicked off with the Hayes Hall Grand Reopening in fall 2016 and continues through 2019. 

An experiment in design education: Milestones in the formation of our school

1967: SUNY forms the School of Architecture and Environmental Design
1968: Dean John Eberhard inducted as founding dean
1969: First class of students convenes

The Grand Reopening of Hayes Hall, held Sept. 22-24, 2016, kicked off the school's 50th anniversary celebration with a series of memorable events, including a symposium, a rapid-paced PechaKucha presentation of research by the school, and a community conversation on the next 50 years.


Across the eras, alumni, friends, students, faculty and community members came together to celebrate the legacy of the school as it marks 50 years from its founding. The conversation was equally forward-looking - the start of an important conversation about what's possible together.