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The Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers several degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level, with diverse opportunities for advanced research, practice-based learning and cross-disciplinary study.


The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design offers a pre-professional course of study grounded in the multidisciplinary traditions of the liberal arts and active intervention in community and regional environments through classroom activity, fieldwork, workshops, and internships. 
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The minor in environmental design provides students from diverse academic backgrounds a broad foundation in the principles of urban design as well as the form and function of the built environment.

Master of Urban Planning and Dual Degrees

Students from any undergraduate major can study toward a Master of Urban Planning degree. A career in urban planning offers the opportunity to explore and shape the built environment. 
Join our small and selective group of interdisciplinary students interested in pursuing promising careers in historic preservation. Designed for practitioners and students from disciplines as diverse as architecture, law and art, our programs include an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation and a Master of Science in Architecture in Urban Design and Historic Preservation. 
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Open to students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in focused study of urban design and historic preservation in preparation for professional practice in the field.

The MArch + MUP embraces the notion that architecture and urban planning are fundamentally intertwined as evidenced by the impact of architecture on the urban fabric and the influence of urban planning on architecture. 
The MUP + JD dual-degree program, offered jointly with the UB Law School, explores the facets of local, state, federal and international policy and practice. The program prepares students for a variety of professional roles in public service, private law firms, planning consulting firms and public legal practice.

PhD in Urban and Regional Planning

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The University at Buffalo invites applications from outstanding candidates interested in pursuing a career in research and teaching through its PhD program in urban and regional planning – the first and only one in the State University of New York system.