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Graduate Research Groups

Graduate students engage in research as a fundamental part of their curriculum through participation in our four Graduate Research Groups:

Master of Architecure students in the 3 1/2 year track begin their exploration of the Graduate Research Groups at the start of their third year in the program, and must enroll in courses from at least one of the GRGs during their last three semesters. Students in the 2-year track enroll in GRG-affiliated courses immediately upon entering the program.

Students must commit to a single graduate research group (GRG) each year of their MArch. Students must declare their intended GRG at the conclusion of the prior year. Changes from GRG to GRG mid-year can only be accommodated, if space is available.

Students at work in their master's thesis
The Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group critically engages environmental systems, and examines the role that architecture and urbanism play in harnessing and stewarding them. 
Inclusive Design Graduate Research students during a project review.
Inclusive Design is design for all. A global movement that seeks to improve the usability of environments, products and systems for the widest range of people, it is based on the principles of social justice. 
The Material Culture Graduate Research Group builds on Buffalo and the Niagara Region’s legacy of material innovation, from infrastructural experiments in moving goods to slip-forming construction of concrete silos. 
The Situated Technologies Graduate Research Group focuses on the design of artifacts, spaces and media that are responsive to their context.