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Harold Ha Hwang

PhD Candidate
Department of Urban and Regional Planning


Ha Hwang






  • MIPS, Michigan State University
  •  MS, Hanyang University (S. Korea)
  • BS, Hanyang University (S. Korea)


Research Areas

  • Economic evaluation of urban disruptions caused by disasters
  • Transportation combined economic models
  • Game theoretic decision making
  • Social network analysis

Dissertation Title

Assessing Structural Vulnerability and Resilience of Transportation Network Systems

Dissertation Committee members

Dr. Park’s research interests are urban economics and transportation modeling as applied to natural and man-made environmental and security problems.
Dr. Sternberg’s current work is on the ethics of complex decision making to avert disasters, whether from terrorism or natural or technological hazards.
Dr. Sanjukta Smith, Associate Professor, Management Science and Systems, School of Management