UB National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

Members of NOMAS on a firm visit.

The mission of ubNOMAS is to champion diversity within the design professions by promoting the excellence, community engagement, and professional development of its members. 

We are ubNOMAS! We are the UB Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMA). The chapter was founded in 2011 by three graduate students with the generous support of the Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.  

We visit local architecture, engineering, planning, and construction firms about three times per semester to expose members to a variety of working environments. The visits allow students to meet design professionals, gain insight into firms' work, and land internships and job opportunities. ubNOMAS also collaborates extensively with other student organizations in the Buffalo School and participates in several design competitions and conferences. Our organization has swelled to nearly 40 active members since its founding. 


President: Arisha Shahid  
Vice President: William (Billy) Baptiste 
Secretary: Joanne Tseng
Event Coordinator: Zhijun Lin
Comp Dir: Krishna Priya + Arisha Shahid