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Will and Nan Clarkson Visiting Chair

Will and Nan Clarkson

For over 20 years, Will and Nan Clarkson have generously supported the Clarkson Chair program, which invites distinguished scholars and professionals to campus for lectures and seminars that engage students, faculty, practitioners and members of the public in knowledge-sharing, scholarship and debate on critical issues in architecture, planning and design. 

The Clarkson Visiting Chair is an endowed visiting position awarded semiannually to a distinguished scholar or professional in the disciplines of architecture, planning and design. This award is in recognition of excellence in the pursuit of scholarship and professional application within these disciplines.

Clarkson Chair in Architecture (spring 2016)

Eve Blau, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Eve Blau is Adjunct Professor of the History of Urban Form in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Professor Blau’s research engages issues in the history and theory of modern architecture, urbanism, and modes of representation. In 2015, she was awarded the Victor Adler State Prize by the Republic of Austria, the highest endowed award given by the nation for the humanities. Her lauded book Project Zagreb: Transition as Condition, Strategy, Practice (2007) develops new methodologies for understanding the dynamics of transition and their implications for architecture and the city today. Her previous book, the award-winning The Architecture of Red Vienna1919-1934 (1999), examines the interrelation of political program, architectural practice, and urban form in interwar Vienna, and how political meaning is manifested in architecture. Past editor of the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Blau was also Curator of Exhibitions and Publications at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Blau received a BA from the University of York, England, and an MA and PhD in History of Architecture from Yale University.

Clarkson Chair in Planning (fall 2015)

Todd Swanstrom, Ph.D.

Todd Swanstrom is the E. Desmond Lee Professor of Community Collaboration and Public Policy Administration at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, with doctorate from Princeton University. He specializes in urban politics and public policy.  He is an award winning scholar and “deep” thinker on urban issues.  In 2011 he published a co-edited volume, Justice and the American Metropolis (University of Minnesota Press), which develops the idea of “think injustice.”  His co-authored book, Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-first Century (University Press of Kansas) is must reading for anyone concerned about metropolitan inequality. 

His provocative essays on Ferguson moved the discussion beyond the shooting of Michael Brown to the tangled web of injustice and structural racist that led to that deadly encounter. He is presently doing research on neighborhood dynamics in weak market metros and the causes and effects of high levels of involuntary residential mobility.

This award winning scholar also views the world through the lens of practice. He worked as a neighborhood planner in Cleveland and as the Director of Strategic Planning for the City of Albany, NY.  In St. Louis, he assisted in the support of a network of community development corporations (CDCs) and has been working on reforming the community development infrastructure system and raising funding for grassroots neighborhood planning and community projects.

Spring 2014

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