Dennis Maher

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Architecture

Dennis Maher.


Dennis Maher

136 Diefendorf Hall

(716) 829-5927


Assembled City Fragments


The work of Dennis Maher has ranged from a localized form of civic activism and material experimentation to a synthetic proposition for re-imagining the post-industrial environment  through a variety of modes and media.

While operating with the multivalent lens of painter, sculptor, architect, and activist, Maher has endeavored to tap into architecture’s deep history of visionary representation as social and cultural critique, and to transform the projective capacities of this legacy into a material agency that might reform post-industrial inhabitation.  Recasting erasure as efflorescence, waste as vital resource, and dismantlement as catalyst for reassembly, Maher’s ongoing Undone-Redone City project conjures a new urban core from assembled city fragments, illluminating a world on the brink of indefinite becoming.  

Exhibitions by Maher have been presented at venues including Black and White Gallery and Project Space (Brooklyn, NY), the Pittsburgh Biennial, Pulse Miami, Galeria Antoni Pinyol (Reus, Spain), Superfront (Los Angeles, CA) The Carnegie (Covington, KY) and Burchfield Penney Art Center (Buffalo, NY).  Maher has been selected as the 2012 Artist-In-Residence at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo.  Published writings by Maher include “Towards Un-building”, in 306090 Sustain and Develop, “The Nightworks” in Unplanned.


ARC 201/202 Sophomore Design Studio

ARC 502 Design Studio 2

ARC 318 Design Methods

ARC 512 Architectural Communications