The faculty in the School of Architecture and Planning is composed of a mix of world-renowned scholars, leading architects and planners, and a diverse range of adjunct faculty selected from the professional community.

ZoƩ Hamstead is an assistant professor of urban planning. Her research explores urban system dynamics with a focus on climate impacts and climate management. She is particularly interested in issues of spatial justice, vulnerability to weather extremes and multi-sectoral environmental management.
Joyce Hwang is associate professor and associate chair of architecture at UB. Through her teaching, research and critical practice as director of Ants of the Prairie, she confronts contemporary ecological conditions through creative means.
Julia Jamrozik is a designer whose research and practice center on public space, public buildings and the role that both playfulness and play can have in shaping these environments.
Erkin Özay is a registered architect and an urbanist with a research focus on urban asset distribution practices and their spatial impacts on the city, with a specific concentration on the design of educational environments. 
Dr. Park’s research interests are urban economics and transportation modeling as applied to natural and man-made environmental and security problems.
Associate Professor Georg Rafailidis investigates new building forms and construction systems in which notions of materiality, time and authorship are stretched to new frontiers.
Jin Young Song's research and practice in the U.S. and Korea investigate parametric design of dynamic facade systems and the socio-cultural importance of the building facade.
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