Julia Jamrozik

Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture

Julia Jamrozik.


Julia Jamrozik

324 Hayes Hall

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Julia Jamrozik is a designer whose research and practice center on public space, public buildings and the role that both playfulness and play can have in shaping these environments.

She is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she studied both architecture and art history and holds an M.Arch from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. 

Having done internships at numerous architectural practices, including the offices of Shigeru Ban in Tokyo, Levitt Goodman in Toronto and Barkow Leibinger in Berlin, she went on to work for Studio Luz in Boston and for four years at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel. There, as a member of large, multidisciplinary teams, she contributed to the design and development at various stages of large scale international projects, including a luxury housing tower in Beirut, a soccer stadium for Bordeaux and an art museum for Kolkata. Before coming to Buffalo, Julia spent two years teaching elective architectural design studios to undergraduate and graduate students, focusing on the theme of institutions and their impact on the experience of the city, as part of the Gastdozentur Manuel Herz at the ETH in Zurich.

In collaboration with Coryn Kempster, she has worked on a series of independent installations and art projects which investigate everyday situations and re-present them to be experienced anew. With an interest in the public realm and in the way that individuals and groups use the space of the city, she has created objects, spaces and situations that interrupt the ordinary in a critically engaging and playful way.