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Himanshu Grover

Assistant Professor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Himanshu Grover

Himanshu Grover

Hayes C 05M


(716) 829-5878



Dr. Grover’s research focuses at the intersection of three broad thematic areas: urban planning, sustainability and community resilience.

In his research, Dr. Grover examines the inter-linkages between physical development, socio-economic concerns, and the natural environment. Some of the specific areas of his research interest include environmental policy, climate change (both mitigation and adaptation strategies), natural hazard mitigation, disaster management, coastal planning, and community resilience across spatial scales (local to global). His research interests also include design and development of planning tools for online geographic data sharing (web-GIS), and scenario planning.

Dr. Grover leads a group of dedicated graduate, undergraduate and post-doc research in the Environmental and Land Use Planning Lab. In the recent past, Dr. Grover has received funding from National Science Foundation (NSF), and United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The five-year NSF grant seeks to examine the adoption and the usage of mitigation policies, practices and strategies that can enhance hazard resilience among local jurisdictions (counties and municipalities) along the hurricane coast (Atlantic and Gulf coasts). The focus of this research is on the broader socio-political ecology for planning practice by examining the consequences of factors including the state legal planning environment, the jurisdiction type, the hazard experience, social vulnerability, and the demographic profile of the community for the adoption and usage of mitigation practices. This grant is presently in the second year of primary data collection. He also has an ongoing REU supplemental funding for this grant from NSF to support undergraduate researchers. The HUD grant is relatively more practice oriented and will lead to development of a climate change adaptation strategy as part of the larger Buffalo Niagara Region Sustainable Communities Development Plan (named, One Region Forward).  Another component of the same HUD grant is the development of a web-based GIS platform for data sharing. This web-GIS platform is being built using the ARCGIS Server software and Adobe Flex Viewer framework.

 Dr. Grover has more than six years of planning and environmental consultancy experience. His international interests include environmental policy, urban development challenges in the developing countries, particularly India, and climate induced migration.


Ph.D. (urban and regional sciences), Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

M.U.P, (Certificates in Sustainable Urbanisms and Environmental Hazard Management) , Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

B. Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India


Dr. Grover currently teaches a combination of required and elective courses in the undergraduate and the graduate programs.  He teaches two graduate courses: Urban and Planning Climate, and Environmental Planning Support Systems. He teaches a combined graduate/undergraduate course: Infrastructure Planning and Design. He also teaches an undergraduate course: Urban and Environmental Planning. In Fall 2013 he is also teaching a Graduate Planning Studio tasked with preparation of The Energy Management Plan for Wyoming County, NY.

Public service

Dr. Grover’s service activities are related to his research interests. He is peer-reviewer for manuscripts submitted to a number of leading journals including Journal of American Planning Association, Journal of Environmental Management, State and Local Government Review, Urban Affairs Review, Housing Policy Debate, and Journal of Climatic Change. He also is invited to review funding applications for a number of national funding agencies. He provides consultancy services for international NGOs and environmental organization in areas of his expertise. He is a member of the American Planning Association and is actively involved in issues related to hazards management and sustainable development. In the summer months, he works with rural communities in India and provides free services for infrastructure development and community planning. 

Selected publications

  • "A Spatial Analysis of Local Climate Change Policy in the U.S.: Risk, Stress, and Opportunity." Landscape and Urban Planning (with Brody, S. D., Zahran, S., and Vedlitz, A.), 87(1):33-41, 2009.
  • "Examining the Relationship between Physical Vulnerability and Perceptions of Global Climate Change in the U.S."Environment and Behavior (with Brody, S.D., Zahran, S, and Vedlitz, A.)40(1): 72-95, 2008.
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  • "Identifying Potential Conflict Associated with Oil and Gas Exploration in Texas State Coastal Waters: A Multicriteria Spatial Analysis." Environmental Management (with Brody, S.D., Bernhardt, S., Tang, Z., Whitaker, B., and Spencer, C)  38:597-617, 2006.

Selected activities, honors, awards

Fellow, 2008 Summer Academy, United Nations University; JAPA 2007 Best Paper Award; Jesus "Chuy" Hinojosa Academic Excellence Award, Texas A&M University; Regents Fellowship,Texas A&M University; National Environmental Awareness and Education Award, DEEPA.