Laura Garofalo-Khan

Associate Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 313 - (716) 829-5913

Associate Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 313

Laura Garofalo-Khan.

Laura Garófalo-Khan’s research, pedagogy, and practice focuses on the conjunction of natural and architectural systems.

Her projection of the role of architecture as an active environmental steward defines her work in resilient lightweight structures and hierologically centered buildings.  Recent premiated design competition entries include: 13th International Garden Festival of the Jardins de Métis/Redford Gardens in Canada, First Place: d3 Housing Tomorrow 2010 (w/O. Khan), First Place: Charleston Transit Hub Design Competition by Architecture for Humanity, Charleston 2010, ACSA Faculty Design Award, the What if New York City Post-Disaster Housing Design Competition (with D. Hill), Finalist of the Jardins Ephemeres Design Competition, Canada, and a Gold “Spark Award”. Her firm (Liminal Projects, co-founded with O. Khan) has been exhibited at the Architectural League of New York, and the National Building Museum, and was selected by the Architectural League of New York as Notable Young Architects (1999). Most recently, her work has been published in Matter: Material Processes in Architectural Production (Gail Borden and Michael Meredith eds.), Vegetecture (Maurizio Corrado ed.), and the forthcoming Architecture for Humanity Design Like You Give a Damn

[2]: Building Change from the Ground Up.