Gregory Delaney

Clinical Assistant Professor
Director of Recruitment and First Year Experience
Department of Architecture

Gregory Delaney.


Gregory Delaney

128 Hayes Hall

(716) 829-5884



Gregory Delaney is a graduate of The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School, where he earned his degrees (B.S. in Architecture and M.A.S. in Criticism) and taught courses in architecture and landscape architecture before moving to Buffalo in 2011.

His work focuses primarily on the research, documentation, and cataloging of significant built works of architecture and landscape architecture in the United States.

One of his recent built projects is the POD house, currently on exhibit at the Center for Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio, and featured in the book Nano House: Innovations for Small Dwellings. The POD house was a design-build collaboration among students and faculty in architecture and engineering at Ohio State. Installed in the garden of a children’s museum, the POD house was designed as an interactive tool to teach kids and families about living smaller, more efficiently, and the value of design in the built environment.

As a designer and historian, Gregory teaches both design studios and core courses in the areas of history and theory in addition to running intensive travel programs for students in architecture and planning.