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Kelley Tapia (BPS '99, BS '99)

  • Bachelor of Professional Studies, Architecture, 1999
  • Bachelor of Science, Management (Marketing), 1999
  • Global Design Manager, Bloomberg LP
  • Former Senior Associate, Gensler

My current role

I'm a Global Design Manager at Bloomberg LP. As a global business and financial information and news leader, Bloomberg gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. I work alongside different architects around the world to create and enhance Bloomberg offices. My clients are the businesses within Bloomberg. The company employs nearly 19,000 people, and there are three architects on staff. We look after the design of 192 locations around the world, so with that many offices constantly relocating, renovating and expanding, there’s a need to have design architects on staff. 

Professional highlights
Currently, I’m working on two of the largest projects Bloomberg LP has, one of which is the European headquarters building in London and the second is in New York City. As a design manager, we are involved in the project from start to finish and charged with making sure we meet the needs of our businesses. To me, it’s an amazing and inspiring opportunity. I help guide each respective office design, aligning the business-user requirements with the design concepts of the architects. 

My favorite accomplishments

My favorite accomplishment is leading a great team. I worked closely with a project architect and project manager to build two Charter Schools in New York City, Crown Heights High School and KIPP NYC College Prep. I have such a great appreciation for the entire team who made the project happen and continue to run the school. I’m invited to the graduation ceremonies every year, which is a testament to the partnership we have and the impact architects make on student lives daily.

How UB shaped my career

I was a double major at UB; in business marketing and environmental design. My mentors at UB encouraged me to wholeheartedly pursue both paths. I’m grateful that both the School of Management and Architecture and Planning pushed me hard but understood that I needed a bit of flexibility to achieve both degrees.

The benefits of combining business and architecture
Throughout my time at UB, there was always something that I learned in one school at UB that can be applied to different aspects of my work – management to architecture or vice versa. I am fortunate that the content of the two degrees complement one another.

I find value in understanding the full breadth of a project, not solely the design. Working with Bloomberg LP, the business side of me gets to know why a project is needed, what it will provide when it is successful. As an architect at a design firm, I was typically not involved prior to starting design or after a project was completed. Now, I am able to appreciate more of what makes a project successful.

Kelley's Advice to Students:

“Work hard, take advantage of every opportunity, and you will find results that are very rewarding.”  

My UB connections
New York City is a big city with many architecture firms. Once I began connecting with my fellow UB graduates through the alumni office, the city seemed to unfold with vast networking opportunities. Personally, I thrive on giving back to students and graduates. We’ve all been at this stage of our careers and needed a little guidance. 

My best advice for students
SAY YES! Yes, I will work on that initiative. Yes, I would love to go to that meeting with you. Yes, I will draw toilet room details for a week. Saying yes gives you amazing exposure to opportunities that you might not otherwise receive. 


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